Casco Area Workshop currently has multiple long term contracts with vendors. Casco employs 127 individuals with disabilities. There are 6 different areas averaging 20 individuals to an area.


Casco’s Production Workshop Program provides our disabled individuals with a work experience that is not only supportive, but accommodating to the unique needs of each person as well. Whether developing assistive devices to simplify tasks, performing skills assessments, or completing contract training, Casco takes pride in meeting the ever-evolving needs of the people we serve.


Casco has a certification from the Department of Labor to pay commensurate wage.  Commensurate wage means that the amount of work you produce is compared to the amount of work an experienced worker in a similar competitive job would be expected to produce. You are paid the same part of the wage the experienced worker in a competitive job would earn if they produced the same amount of work you produced. If you produce ½ of the amount of work an experienced worker in a similar competitive job is expected to produce, then you would be paid 50% (or ½) of the amount that worker would be paid.


While you are working in the workshop, you are paid at least 10% of minimum wage even when you are on downtime or training.  


Casco only pays for correct work. If you make a mistake on some work, you will be expected to redo the work. You will only be paid for the time spent doing good work, not for rework.


Casco may elect to not pay you for time you spend off of the job talking to other staff or visitors, for time you attend meetings and for time you refuse to work or are sleeping.


Piece Rate


Some jobs are paid at a piece rate, this rate is also figured using commensurate wage.  You are paid for the amount of pieces that are completed correctly. 




Jobs within the workshop that are based on commensurate wage determine your efficiency.  Each job has a standard, so if the standard is 100 pieces and you do 50 pieces, then your efficiency is 50%.  No training or downtime is included in your efficiency rate.  By increasing efficiency, your pay would increase for that job.


We offer a variety of positions to individuals, allowing each person to contribute in the way that is most suitable for their needs.





Casco’s facility features a 20,000 square foot warehouse to meet the shipping and receiving needs of our customers.


Disabled individuals play assisting roles to warehouse personnel in seeing that shipping and receiving needs are met accurately and in a timely manner.



Individuals working as warehouse staff are paid an hourly wage for their work and must meet a statute of stipulations set forth prior to starting in these positions. Individuals staffing the warehouse are placed in the department on a rotating basis.





We take the needs of our customers very seriously at Casco and pride ourselves in meeting deadlines set by those we do business with. Our facility features two full scale loading docks to accommodate trucks and trailers.


Warehouse hours are Monday through Friday 8:30am to 3pm and closed for lunch from 12pm to 1pm. There will be nothing loaded or unloaded before 8:30am, during lunch, or after 3pm.





All contract product shipments are inspected pre and post completion.


Throughout completion, work is inspected by area supervisors and Casco’s Quality Manager. Only pieces of high quality that meet standards set forth by customer specifications are shipped to our contractors.


Product shipments are stamped and dated as meeting quality specifications prior to shipment from our facility.



For inquiries regarding shipping / receiving and quality, please contact Cindy Kelso, Quality Manager at






Operations Manager

Phil Hilton


Production Manager

Cheryl Wall


Quality Manager

Cindy Kelso


Consumer Support Manager

Deana Miller







· General Assembly

· Packaging

· Labeling

· Inspector

· Material Handler

· Supplier

· Kitchen Aid

· Housekeeper

· Restroom Attendant

· Warehouse Assistant

· Truck Driver’s Assistant

· Enclave Worker

· Sewing Department Aid


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