Day Services

Day Services


Day services may be provided to individuals or to groups and may be provided either onsite, at the day program or off-site, in the individual’s own home or community.  Onsite group and Off-site individual settings are normal.  The other two variations are for specific and unusual situations.  Regional Offices may contract for any or all of the four modes as needed.


OFF-SITE – Training and support are intended to maximize

1)  Self Determination


2)  Participation in the community


Therefore the service MUST employ strategies which promote inclusion and self-determination, maximize the individual’s participation in the experience and address a specific functional purpose.


OUTCOMES – The outcomes expected of offsite services include opportunities for

  • repeated exposure to community life;

  • develop of social contracts, friendships and natural support system;

  • increased functional independence or interdependence in areas related to community inclusion

  • Reduction of specialized supports due to increased independence or linkage to a system of natural supports in the community.


The planning team determines the content of the service and the site(s) and mode(s) of learning which best meets the needs of each individual.  The planning team also ensures that day services are coordinated with any therapies the individuals requires and that the day services do not duplicate any other services authorized for the individual.

Day services MAY NOT INCLUDE 

  • vocational and pre-vocational services,

  • nor may individuals earn income as a part of participation in the services.


Day services

MAY NOT duplicate or replace special education and related services, which are otherwise available to the child through a state or local education agency.


ONSITE GROUP - Services are delivered at the Day Services Center, but may include incidental off site activities.  Group size may vary between 1:2 and 1:6


ONSITE INDIVIDUAL – Services are delivered at the Day Services Center with a 1: 1 staff to participant ratio.  This services is available when provided during a transition period or when the individual’s behavior and/or health require it.



Services are delivered in the community, in natural and typical settings such as a store, post office, bank, governmental office, church, park or other recreation site.

This service may not be provided in a group home to residents of that home. 



  • Services are delivered in the community or in the person’s own home with 1:1 staff  to participant ratio.  Transportation cost needed to provide this service are included in the fee for services.

  • Transportation costs needed to provide this service are included in the fee for service.





The goal of the Community Integration Program is to provide consumers with the appropriate level of supports necessary to function as independently as personally possible within their community. This program focuses on encouraging decision making and problem solving skills when making choices in regards to recreational and social needs.


Program services are tailored to the individual’s social, financial, and emotional needs with an overall goal of personal enrichment in all aspects of life.


Guidelines and eligibility for Community Integration services through Casco Area Workshop are set by the Missouri Department of Mental Health in conjunction with the Kansas City Regional Office.



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